Thought of Lamennais - Book 2 , chapter 01

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The Christian soul, detached from the world, has only one desire in time as in eternity: to be united with Jesus of this ineffable union whose divine painting ravishes us in the mysterious canticle of love: My beloved is with me, and I am with Him; He rests among the lilies, until dawn rises and the shades decline .

Alas ! What do you seek outside ? Commune, commune with yourself, prepare for the celestial husband a residence worthy of Him, and He will come, and He will rest there, for His delights are to live in the heart that calls him.

Then, alone with Jesus, far from the noises of the earth, in the silence of creatures, He will speak to you as a friend speaks to his friend , and, being overcome with joy to hear Him, you will aspire to listen to nobody else but Him.