For every heart, for every soul, for every existence, all is but toil and constraint, all is but affliction and languor, all is but lie and vanity, other than loving God and serving Him; And it would seem less cruel to throw a child into death after having been baptized than to launch him in life without first teaching him to Love and serve God. - - Pierre Gravel
2.1.   Give place , then, to Christ , but deny entrance to all others ,   for when you have Christ you are rich and He is sufficient for you. He will provide for you. He will supply your every want , so that you need not trust in frail , changeable men.
THOUGHTS OF THE DAY : The Spiritual Doctrine , of Father Louis Lallement , s.j
  1. P 239 Never shall we have peace unless we commune with ourself and are in union with God.
    A spirit at rest , joy , a solid contentment , can only be found in the interior world , in the kingdom of God that awaits us inside ourself. The deeper we dig in , the happier we will get. Without that , we will always experience disorder and sorrow , always be dissatisfied , in a flurry of complaints and murmurs ; and if some temptation , some hard trial is to cross our path , we will not surmount it.

  2. Saint Augustin tells us that those whose disposition is not well ordered are like those husbands who have troublesome and out of temper women. They leave their home early in the morning and come back as late as they can , because they apprehend domestic persecution ; in the same way those having only remorses and reproaches from their conscience delay as much as they can to return in themselves.

  3. P 258 After the incarnation , we must admire nothing else. It is dangerous to give our admiration to creatures. There is only one incarnate God who deserves it. To admire something in the order of nature is to show the little virtue that we have.