Praying with ...   St-Joseph !

While subjected to a serious illness , and when I saw myself so crippled , so young still ! and the condition in which the doctors of the earth had put me in , I decided to resort to those of heaven for a cure , since I was still longing for health while joyfully supporting the condition I was in.

I took as lawyer and patron the glorious St-Joseph . Of this distress as for others more serious where the honor and the soul were in danger , I saw clearly that it was Him , my father and guardian , who cured me , and well beyond what I asked Him . I have no menory so far to have ever begged Him to grant me something that was refused .

The great favours that God gave me via this Blessed Saint are amazing , as well as the dangers from which He protected me , body and soul.

Joseph avec JÚsus

  Experience has proved me that this glorious Saint helps us in all circumstances . Our Lord wants to make us understand that just as He  was subjected on earth to the one whom He called His Father , and who rightly so could command Him , He still does in heaven all that  he asks Him . Other people to whom I recommended to put their trust in Him could also speak from the same experience . And still today , numerous are those whose favour in His reguard is renewed by the experience of this truth.

* PRAYING WITH... Blessed St-Therese of Avila. Fides Editions. Page 64