St-Joseph , guardian and model !    
St-Joseph , protector and model !
 Here is the time when the Provider and Guardian of His Lord will be glorified !  

The signs are manifest of the growing glorification of St-Joseph in the Catholic Church and show to what point it appears to answer the desires of the Heart of Jesus-Christ and those of His Mother.

Here are the days predicted by the Saints , who ensured that , on the decline of the centuries , St-Joseph , our glorious Patron would be highly exalted , that God himself would draw the curtain that hid from the sight of mortals this prodigy of virtue , privileges and power before the throne of the Divine Mercy , days of seduction for the faithful whose faith is badly lit or the heart badly strengthened in the love of Jesus-Christ and his Church , days of darkness where the holy truths are darkened , where the mere courage misses to these very ones who appeared the most devoted to the Religion.

St-Joseph Pourvoyeur et Gardien
Ite ad Ioseph

But to honour Him as He wishes , it is not enough to call upon Him ; it is still and above all required to imitate His virtues and oppose them to the spirit of the century . Today there is no more authority , no more obedience , nor scarcely any devotion for the cause of the Church or the service of God . Therefore society collapses , the family is divided ; one meets only slaves of luxury and pleasure , or the malcontent who , to enjoy life , would like to have without work.

However , St-Joseph , so great by his Ancestors , so eminent by His mission , lived in a humble condition , earning His bread and that of those depending on Him by the sweat of his brow , subjected to the decrees of the Divine Providence , obedient to every power of the earth and resigned to the hardest works . And what was not His spirit of mortification and prayer , His love for silence and retreat !   Here is our model !
- - V B A Moreau  

* Our world has had the privilege to see its ground trod by this great Saint of innumerable miracles that was   Brother André of the Mount-Royal . This one showed us , through his predilection towards this great Saint who is St-Joseph , protector and model who leads to God , the direction where must lean all hearts !
How many Saints shall we have to await for the Believer to start looking where he must , more than where his emotions carry him ?