The day I act like God , I get the others free !

" That one who makes himself his own master becomes a fool's disciple ! " - -   St-Bernard  

* 1 ) If you wish to be exalted in heaven ,

humble yourself in this world.

2 ) Take care that your light is not darkness ....

3 ) You know I reap where I did not sow and

and gather where I did not scatter.

4) " Democracy , without moral values , is a

totalitarism in disguise " -- Jean-Paul II

5) Democracy requires a virtuous public ;

and virtue comes from religion ! - - G.Washington

God came out of His mystery

Up to what point must we have deceived
in their hope and their patience
those who loved us so much
and always trusted us
to ask that to us too
be granted another chance
so that in the fig-tree of our life
we produce fruits in abundance ?
T et M : Robert Lebel

Truth is not negotiable !