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  1. It would not seem fair , for exemple , on the part of the clergy to make the promotion of the couple and the family while giving honors in public to only one of the two indivisible sexes.  See  the 4th Commandment , still in use . 

  2. If those who served as parents for Jesus , secular couple like us , had had the degree of revelation that we have today , they would not have been able to function normally nor acquit themselves of their reciprocal duties.  In a time of high infant mortality ... and large families to compensate ,  they most likely would have tended to concentrate all their efforts on one single child , in order to raise him privately , quickly bound in becoming excessive , even choking.   And run the risk to raise from the beginning a veil on a life which needed to remain hidden for a while.  One cannot but think that God the Father wanted to keep our primitive arents unaware of the secret nature of their first-born , whose history was unfolding , where a thousand temptations had not yet arised , nor been overcome ...

  3.   At the recovery at the Temple :
      50 ...They didn't understand the saying which he spoke to them. Lk 2 , 50
      21 When his family heard of this they came to take charge of him , saying :
    " He is out of his mind " ; Mk 3 , 21
      05 For even his brothers didn't believe in him. Jn 7 , 5 , etc...

  4. That Luke became sole member elect of the confidences of the one who , through her recollections and the assertions of the Apostle & medical man , finally saw confirmed the special character ( Ibid c. ) of the first child that she carried , tells us , by so many details , the joy that , afterwards , overwhelmed the one who finally knew.

  5. All Christians until today also know . For this reason they would all be unfitted to raise Jesus as well as our primitive parents did( See #2 ).   And because they do not realize that the first couple was unaware of it himself , they want to grant the female part only a  merit that , in fact , belongs to both sexes. 

  6. While at the same time , some women ( that nobody knows , hiding behind a silence , easy manners , a smile ) ,  true spoiled children , use Mary as Standard   to promote  only the feminine plural gender through a feminist agenda ( #2 )   and so wage , sometimes unknown to them , an endless war against God and men ,thereby showing little care for their salvation.   Those ones  should not take pride in being righteous , for it is the only virtue that one can be sure cannot be found in them.   Does not the Devil  like to often hide behind angelic faces ? 2 Cor 11,14

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  8. [ Full Quote : ]   [ Luke 1,48 ] For he has looked at the humble state of his handmaid. For behold , from now on , all generations will call me blessed. [ #09 ]
    Quote having for single goal to highlight the might and the power of God over the destiny of men.
    The only version that Mary agrees to consider since it is precisely the one which she entrusted her friend Luke .
    If the half-quote that follows had been complete in itself , we would only know that one.

  9. [ Half-quote - ( Out of context ) ] : For behold , from now on , all generations will call me blessed.  [ #09 ]

    a.  The distance is such between God and men that to be raised by a feminist pride ( Ibid 5 ) 

     « « up to His level appears as the greatest sin that can be conceived. » »  

    b.   Vanity : Bend your face which draws up , higher than your destiny the ambitious desire !     ]   c.   Love me as you are !  

( #c. ) " greater than life , " seeming to irritate the natural humility of Jesus , is replaced by " special ". ( Ibid 3. )
  " Most assuredly I tell you , whoever will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will in no way enter into  it.

Mc 10,15