( #2-3 )  AGNUS DEI ( 04-19-2004 )

In the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy-Spirit.Amen. ( On the Cross )

( The Apostles Creed )
( Big Grain following the crucifix )

I believe in God the Father Almighty , creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son , our Lord.
He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit ,
descended from Joseph and Mary.
He suffered under Pontius Pilate , was crucified , died and was buried.
He descended to the dead. On the third day he rose again.
He ascended into Heaven , and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again to judge the living and the dead.
R : I believe in the Holy Spirit , the Holy Catholic Church ,
the communion of Saints , the forgiveness of sins ,
the resurrection of the body , and life everlasting . Amen .

( Glory be to the Father )  
Glory be to the Father , to the Son
and to the Holy Ghost. As it was
at the beginning , as it is now
and will be forever , in all the centuries.
Gloria Patri et Filio , et Spiritui Sancto.
Sicut erat in principio , et nunc et
semper et in saecula saeculorum.  

( Prayer to St-Mary ... )
Hail Mary , you that the divine grace has filled ,
Blessed are you among women
and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus .
R : Holy Mary , virginal Mother of the Redeemer ,
pray for us sinners
now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

( #4 *** ) Hail Mary , given as wife to Joseph , you that the divine grace has filled .
  Blessed are thou ...

( Prayer to St-Joseph : ) -
( For favours obtained )
Hail Joseph, you that the divine grace has filled , the Savior
rested in your arms and grew up before your eyes. Blessed
are you among all men after having shown yourself an untiring
provider and guardian to your first-born son Jesus ( #1 )

Holy Joseph , virginal Father of the Redeemer ( #2 ) ,
from the midst of your eternal splendours , remember
the sadness of the earth , remember those who suffer ,
those who pray , those who cry. May Jesus , through your
prayers , answer our confidence and justify our hope.   Amen

( #3 ** ) Hail Joseph , worthy husband of Mary , you that the divine grace has filled ...     ( * ) 
[ Exception Case : The here-above addition ( #3 ** ) can only be valid
if its preceeding equivalent (( #4 *** ) Also see Fourth Comm ( * ) ) is also mentioned . ]
( #1 )   First-born of 7 children ( Jesus + 4b + 2s )  **
( #2 ) 25 But he had no intercourse with her until she gave birth to his first-born [ 1 ] Son , and he called his name Jesus. [ Matthew 1,25 ]    [ Luke 2,7 ]

THE LORD'S PRAYER ( Mt 6:9-13 )
Our Father, who art in heaven ,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come ,
thy will be done on earth ,
as it is in heaven .
Give us this day
our daily bread ,
And forgive us our trespasses ,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us .
And lead us not into temptation ,
but deliver us from evil .

Optional -
For thine is the kingdom ,
the power, and the glory
forever and ever .
Amen .
Pater noster , qui in caelis es
sanctificetur nomen tuum
adveniat regnum tuum
fiat voluntas tua
sicut in caelo et in terra
panem nostrum quotidianum
da nobis hodie
et dimitte nobis debita nostra
sicut et nos dimittimus
debitoribus nostris
et ne nos inducat in tentationem
sed liberanos a malo

Optional -
Nam te dechan nomis honor
nomis potentas et nomisque gloria
per omnia saecula saeculorum

Act of contrition #13
  To be recited when going to bed , to wash out our heart of the dust of the day  
O , my God , I am heartily sorry for having offended you ,
either by action or by omission ,
because you are all-good and deserving of all my love.
Forgive me through the merits of Jesus-Christ, my Savior.
I firmly resolve , with the help of Your grace ,
to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin.
Teach me to despise myself ,
you who resist the proud , but give grace to the humble.
       Mea Culpa.   Mea Culpa.   Mea maxima Culpa.