3.23.10 God alone can satisfy the one who loves Him, and without Him all things are worthless.

4.1.6. Et certe , O , mi Deus , in tua salutari Deitatis pręsentia nulla deberet occurrere indecens cogitatio; nulla etiam occupare creatura, quia non ad Angelum, sed Angelorum Dominum suscepturus sum hospitio.

4.1. Yet surely , O my God , in the presence of Your life-giving Godhead no unbecoming thought should arise and no creature possess my heart, for I am about to receive as my Guest, not an Angel, but the very Lord of Angels.
1.25.6... The one who concerns himself intently and devoutly with our Lord's most holy life and passion will find there an abundance of all things useful and necessary for him.  He need not seek for anything better than Jesus.
If the Crucified should come into our hearts , how quickly and abundantly we would learn !
PRAYER OF ABANDONMENT :   My Father , in the name of Jesus , let me bind inseparably to you and thus become a pure reflection of your glory , in the perfect execution of your divine plans . I surrender to you and give up to you my will so that yours can be in me , thereby reign and control all . I give you my heart in an infinite confidence .
" If you remain in union with me and my sayings remain in you , ask whatever you wish and it will take
place for you . Jn 15 , 7 "
" I am the way , and the truth , and the life ! No one comes to the Father except through me ! " -- Jn 14 , 6
 28 Come to me , all you who labor and are burdened , and I will give you rest. 
 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me , for I am meek and humble of heart ;
and you will find rest for yourselfs. 

 30 For my yoke is easy , and my  burden light. ( Matt 11 , 28 - 30 )