Luke 14 : 7-11

7  He went on to address a parable to the guests ,
  noticing how they were  trying to get the places of honor at the  table :
8 " When you are invited by someone to a wedding party , do not sit in
the place of honor in case some greater dignitary has been invited .
9    Then , the host might come and say to you , ' Make room for this man , '
and you would have to proceed shamefacedly to the lowest place .
10 What you should do when you have been invited is go and sit in the
lowest place , so that when your host approaches you , he will say ,
' My friend , come up higher '. This will win you the esteem of your fellow guests .

11   For everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled  
  and he who humbles  himself shall be exalted."